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Carey International, Inc. is the global leader in chauffeured services and ground transportation logistics management, providing full-service solutions for the world's most discerning travelers. Since 1921, the Carey® brand has represented uncompromising reliability and impeccable professionalism, safety, security and quality. Carey International, Inc. is comprised of two distinct brands Carey® and Embarque® that offer unique customer experiences, but share the same set of core competencies and centralized operational platforms.

Mitchell shared in a review, "I used Embarque which was part of Carey. I just got back from a long return trip from Asia. I was exhausted. The driver was no where to be found. There was no one at the Carey/Embarque kiosk to assist. Called help line. They said to wait at Enterprise car rental booth. I waited 20-25 minutes. Finally driver shows up. No apologies for being late. Then driver didn't pay attention to how many bags I had. And I had to ask him to not forget one. Then the driver didn't know the way. I had to correct him twice. The car had more than 300,000 miles on it. Which is also a bit worrisome. If the driver is 20-25 minutes late and if the driver doesn't know the way. Then why am I using a limo service where we had an advance reservation???? I will use a friend or taxi or Uber in future I will never use Embarque again. Never never never."


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